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About Van Rij Gallery

Van Rij Gallery is a contemporary art gallery operating in Poland and abroad. Katarzyna Rij, the founder and owner is an art historian, art dealer and exhibitions curator.

The gallery represents both Polish and foreign artists whose works combine tradition and modernity, pre-war craftsmanship and design with

contemporary art trends. Artworks are about the humanity and the human being is in the core.   Gender equality is important for us and our artists. Our Gallery is the place were both tradition and new ideas are mix each other.

We offer an extensive collection of original paintings, works on paper and sculptures. The provenience and certification of the pieces we sell is particularly important to us, which has the effect of increasing the value of the artworks.

Van Rij Gallery has been working in collaboration over many years with esteemed artists such as Pawel Orlłowski, Lubomir Tomaszewski, Rafal Olbiński, Józef Wilkoń, Tamara Berdowska, Natalia Rybka as well as Masakazu Miyanaga, Dmytro Shavala and Jeroen Buitenman.

The works of artists represented by the Van Rij Gallery are annually shown at international foreign exhibitions and art fairs around the world, gaining wide recognition from art lovers. In recent years, Van Rij Gallery has participated in, among others, the Warsaw Art Fair, the Positions Art Fair in Berlin, the Krakers Art Week in Krakow.

The exhibitions of the Van Rij Gallery take place in over 600 square metres of the factory halls of the historic porcelain manufacture in Ćmielów. The post-industrial interiors host solo exhibitions by selected artists. 

Thanks to their professional experience and excellent knowledge of the art market, the specialists and experts working with the gallery will help you build your own art collection that has investment potential. We provide advice on the selection of artworks, taking into account aesthetic qualities and the potential for capital investment.



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