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Rogério Timóteo

Rogério Timóteo is a sculptor born in Sintra, Portugal, in 1967.

Interested in Art since early days it was when studying under MestreAnjos for five years that his horizons opened to the art of sculpting.  Reinforcing that process, he enrols in the studies of “New marble Technologies” in Vila Viçosa. Later, he attended the drawing course with a live model at the Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Currently lives and works in Sintra.

He has more than 40solo exhibitions and more than 300 collective exhibitions. He is represented in private collections in Portugal and abroad.

Being born in a region where extraction and transformation of marble has a strong presence, this material naturally became his preferred medium for sculpting, not excluding nevertheless approaches to new materials and techniques, such as bronze and resin.

He develop a language having as main element the human body. He is interested in a body representation that is timeless in its message but which can be recognizable or felt in the eyes of the observer without the need for additional information.

He prefers to stay in the field of figuration of the human form, because it is “a constant challenge”. In it, he discovers renewed particularities at all times, as if it were a mystery. “From a certain height, with the language we learn, we evolve and our discourse becomes autonomous, this is what I want to do and I feel that I am still in the beginning. Everything I have done so far, was a preparation for what I will create”, he says.

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