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“Tomaszewski is a gifted veteran sculptor whose art frankly stems from basic elements, (…) Striking and dynamic as Tomaszewski’s sculptures are, his ‘fire paintings’ done by scorching and even burning out great sheets of paper, are the scene stealers in this powerful solo show.”

“Art Speak Magazine”


“He is a sensitive and higly imaginative man, whose vacillating temperament and competitive nature can move swiftly from profound sorrow to idyllic joy-moods which are reflected remarkably and beautifully in his varied works.”

“Connecticut Magazine”


“(…) for spontaneous understanding of his art he makes visible to the viewer the entire process of creation. Remnants of nature – freshly unearthed rocks, rotted woods – which stimulate his imagination are utilized dramatically”

“Perspectives Magazine”



“The most effective among the pieces are the animals or birds that convey the state of tension or movement or brute strenghts, something that struggles against gravity to maintain its force”

“The New York Times”


“Tomaszewski has the imagination and sensivity that lets him ‘see’ inside of the rocks and wood he collects… Very few sculptors since Auguste Rodin have known how to release the spirit that imprisoned within stony and lifeless confies. Lubomir Tomaszewski is certainly the best.”

“King Street Chronicle Magazine”


“Quite simply, I have seen no artist whose sculpture incorporates petrified wood so effectively and creates biomorphic forms balanced between abstraction and realism, with such imagery and artistic skill.”

Henry Riseman, director of New England Center for Contemporary Art



Lubomir Tomaszewski (1923-2018), portrait from the 50's


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