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Jeroen Buitenman

Jeroen Buitenman (1973) is a Dutch artist born and raised in Amsterdam. He left school at 16 to start a painting company specializing in creating visual advertisements for a perfume company, Douglas. Later on, the company began creating commissions for TV decoration and then interior art wall paintings in Europe, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.


Buying all art books and catalogs with works of the world’s most famous artists, Buitenman became inspired to create his own, self-taught painting style.


Beginning his artistic career in 1998, he solely focused on oil painting in surrealistic style. He was inspired and influenced by fashion and beauty worlds. His first exhibitions were met with a great success, which stimulated and encouraged the artist further. Moving to Portugal in 2007 for better light and working conditions, he now lives on the flower island Madeira. The excellent light on Madeira allows the artist to improve his painting technique and helps him gain further understanding of the process of color mixing. He thus aims to continue creating surrealistic worlds on his canvas.


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