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Prize for Rafał Olbiński

Rafał Olbiński – “Leader of people with passion”

Rafał Olbiński received the special prize „Leader of people with passion” in Kielce. The event took place at the Voivodeship House of Culture. The award was granted by the jury of the „People with passion” plebiscite.

– I treat this award as a loan for the future – said Rafał Olbiński.

This is a unique prize for the artist – he is associated with Kielce personally.

– I started my career at the Voivodeship Culture Center in Kielce. Here I went to the art classes. I was seven years old. My mother sent me because of course I preferred to play football. I owe this lady – who taught us who Van Gogh, Picasso or Matejko was – to find myself here today – he emphasized, receiving the award.

A honour for Rafał Olbiński were also the sonnets that the Kielce writer Stanisław Nycz wrote inspired by the artist’s paintings.

Rafał Olbiński announced that in September at the National Museum in Kielce – the former Palace of Krakow Bishops – an exhibition of his work will take place.

– On the one hand it will be a retrospective, showing what has been, on the other hand a bit of an invitation to what will be. There will certainly be some surprises, but I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment – he said.


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