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Break the Routine: Pink BOT

The art project “BOTY,” is the result of several years of research and creative work by sculptor Pawel Orlowski. The monumental metal sculptures, made in Orlowski’s characteristic geometric lowpoly style, will soon stand in urban spaces. A series of outdoor exhibitions in European city spaces is planned for 2023-2025, in cooperation with curator Katarzyna Rij. The premiere, and therefore most significant, show of “Pink BOT” will take place in Lodz, on the area of Manufaktura, Israel Poznański’s former yarn factory, where today commercial and historical spaces mix. The Factory Museum and the MS2 Museum of Contemporary Art are also located there, which gives the project a unique character.

Lodz premiere of the “Bots” project – “Pink BOT” – is an installation composed of seven pink giants, which in its curatorial and artistic assumptions is meant to address two problems present in social discourse. On the one hand, “Pink BOT,” as well as the entire “BOTY” project, is intended to familiarize us with a futuristic vision of the current reality, while on the other hand, the Lodz exhibition aims to draw attention to the problem of gender inequality and promote respect between the sexes.

The project “BOTY” by Pawel Orlowski, in the context of the development of technology, is a reflection on its impact on the life of the individual, as well as society as a whole. The premise of the project is to provoke discussion about the relationship between humans and machines, as well as the role of technology in shaping our beliefs, stereotypes, cultural patterns, moral norms, or legislation.

At the same time, the installation itself is an attempt to combine traditional art with modernity. The creation of the pink giants was only possible with the tools of the latest technology, but also their presentation in the urban space will use digital techniques such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mapping.

The premiere show of the first exhibition in the “BOTS” series, Lodz’s “Pink BOT” , will also address the idea of “no gender,” which assumes that gender should not determine the qualities, roles or behaviors that are often given to women and men by cultural patterns and patriarchal society.

Gender identity should be perceived in a more flexible and open way, and social roles and expectations should be assigned to people on an individual basis, thus reducing gender inequality and contributing to building a more tolerant and diverse society. The project aims to show that gender equality is important for social and cultural development and for building respect for other people.

“BOTY” by Pawel Orlowski will soon stand in the center of urban spaces, and their presentation is intended as a pretext for interaction with the environment. Standing out against the urban landscape, they will be an invitation to the public to talk and reflect, and the disinterested context of the places of their presentation is also an emphasis that art can be a tool for social and cultural development.


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