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Open Eyes Art Festival - Bot Riders

We highly recommend the BOT RIDERS exhibition of sculptures by Pawel Orlowski, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, organized as part of the Open Eyes Art Festival. The artist’s works can be seen at Szczepanski Square in the center of Krakow..


In the post-human era, in the context of Lem’s futuristic visions, Paweł Orłowski attempts to familiarize the audience with what is to come. He does this by constructing several-metre-high sculptures of Bots that aspire to “live” in our housing estates, parks, airports, and today, in the Szczepański Square in Krakow and in the courtyard of the Krzysztofory Palace. Thus, the artist becomes a demiurge, while his avatars travel from virtual to real reality, materializing in the form of geometrized, angular biomorphic sculptures, bots or horse riders.


While visiting the BOT RIDERS exhibition, we encourage you to check out other sculptures by Pawel Orlowski on our website 


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