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New exhibition at MoMA

New exhibition at MoMA

Changing the museum exhibition is always exciting – both because of the media buzz around this event, as well as (and maybe above all) because of the visitors, especially those who, thanks to previous visits, can fully appreciate the metamorphosis of the arrangement. That was what I could experience during my last visit to The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The museum was expanded with an additional building and opened to visitors at the end of 2019. New space became a stunning display of surrealism – a style in art, which atmosphere can be found in the works of Rafał Olbiński, which made my visit to MoMA even more special. By enlarging the exhibition space you can fully enjoy the surreal vision of artists and Salvador Dali no longer has to hang by the escalator. It also increased the number of exhibits – many new works appeared at the exhibition. Among the works creating the new exhibition is the absolute icon of surrealism – Breakfast in a fur coat – a fur cup, saucer and teaspoon, created by Meret Oppenheim. Great minds think alike – almost 30 years later Lubomir Tomaszewski designed the cup without the handle.

No man visiting Manhattan should deny himself this pleasure – I encourage you to see the refreshed exhibition of The Museum of Modern Art.


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