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Muzeum Susch

Muzeum Susch

Must visit on the cultural map of Europe. Fascinating place, full of passion and love for art. Created by collector and a visionary, Grażyna Kulczyk. In Susch, Switzerland, close to Sankt Moritz and Davos, you can get lost in a world of art. Visiting Muzeum Susch takes the breath away, especially if tour is conducted by an establisher, Ms Grażyna Kulczyk. Her passion for creating is what brought this special place to life. Businesswoman adapted 1500 square meters of medieval abbey and brewery to showcase her great collection in charming surroundings of Swiss valley Engadine.

First exhibition held in the museum was titled ‘A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women’, with works of artists like Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wojciech Fangor, Natalia LL or Alina Szapocznikow. To enrich the experience, visitors can use well-prepared museum app that contains information prepared by art historians. Nature lovers will be amazed by one of the exhibition rooms with natural spring running down the rock wall.

Muzeum Susch also presents site-specific installations, and up to June 28th 2020 the new temporary exhibition, called „Up to and Including Limits: After Carolee Schneemann”, will be open.

I recommend visiting Muzeum Susch, where Grażyna Kulczyk’s outstanding collection is presented in well-designed, modern space in a middle of Alpine landscape. It is a very memorable experience. 


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