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1964 – Sculpture, ceramics and glass of Lubomir Tomaszewski, Kordegarda, Warszawa.

1969 – Rye, New York.

1970 – Lubomir Tomaszewski, Sculpture 1967-1970.

1971 – The In Cellar Gallery, New York.

1972 – Altman Craft Gallery, New York.

1974 – Audubon Society of Connecticut, Fairefield, Connecticut.

1975 – Women’s National Republican Club, New York.

1978-84 – annually Margot Gallery, New York.

1981-88 – annually Old Warsaw Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

1986 – “Tomaszewski Painter and Sculptor”, Morin-Miller Galleries, New York.

1988 – Nippon Club, New York.

1988 – “Lubomir Tomaszewski, Sculpture”, Polish American Artists Society, New York.

1989 – “Inspirations from Nature, Robert Baranet, paintings – Lubomir Tomaszewski, sculpture”. The Carriage Barn Arts Center, Waveny Park, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA (New Canaan Society for the Arts).

1989 – “Lighting and Sculpture, featuring new works by Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Lighting Services INC., IDCNY Center Two, Long Island City, New York.

1989 – An Exhibition of Large Scale Outdoor Surrealistic Sculpture, New England Center for Contemporary Art (NECCA), Brooklyn , Connecticut, USA.

1989 – Images Gallery, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

1990 – „Tomaszewski inspired by Nature”, The Carlson Gallery, Bernhard Center, University of Bridgeport, USA.

1990 – 2001 permanent exhibition Museum NECCA (New England Center for Contemporary Art), Brooklyn , Connecticut, USA.

1991 – An exhibition of large scale outdoor sculpture by Lubomir Tomaszewski, Museum NECCA, Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA.

1993 – “Sculpture inspired by nature by Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Skulski Art Gallery, Polish Cultural Foundation, Clark, New Jersey, USA.

1994 – Meet the artist, Lubomir Tomaszewski, Reccini Studio Gallery, Hudson Valley, New York.

1995 – “Lubomir Tomaszewski” Polish Art Gallery Nowy Dziennik, New York.

1995 – “Large Scale Dramatic Sculptures, In tune with nature”, Fordham University at Lincoln Center, New York.

1996 – “In Tune with Nature”, Polski Instytut Naukowy, New York.

1996 – “Drama in Painting and Sculpture “In Tune with Nature” by Tomaszewski”, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, New York.

1997 – Madeline Novotzky, Lubomir Tomaszewski, Jozefa Tomaszewski, Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River NY.

1997 – Exhibition Tomaszewski and the Theatre of the Intuitive Improvisation – music by Medyna, Douglas Poger, Stephen Boisvert, Harvard University at Gutman Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

1997 –“ Lubomir Tomaszewski – Natural art sculptures and burnished paintings”, L’Atelier Gallery, Piermont, New York.

1998 – “Emotionalism. An exhibition sculptures and paintings by Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Easton Public Library, Easton, Connecticut, USA.

1998 – “Awakening : Contemporary art of Vietnam, Gallery 4. Lubomir Tomaszewski”, New London Art Society Gallery, New London, Connecticut, USA.

1999 – Alexandra Nowak i Lubomir Tomaszewski, Polish Institute of Art and Science of America.

2000 – “Watercolors by Rhoda Madan-Shotkin, sculpture by Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Unique Gallery.

2000 – “Two men – two imaginations, Guenther Riess and Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Images Sculptural Concepts, South Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

2000 – Gregory Jakubowski painting, Lubomir Tomaszewski sculpture, Gutman Library Harvard University Cambridge.

2000 – Response to Emotionalism, Walsh Library Gallery, Seton Holl University New Jersey.

2002 – Warsaw Uprising Painted with Fire, PolisAcademy of Science, Warsaw, Poland.

2002 – Lubomir Tomaszewski and Gregory Jakubowski, Europa Club, Brooklyn, New York.

2003 – Musique et Emotions Plastique. Gregory Jakubowski, Lubomir Tomaszewski, Ars France.

2003 – Rao Gallery, Hellertown, New York.

2004 – Greenwich, Connecticut.

2005 – ARTredSPOT Gallery, Fairfield, Connecticut.

2005 – Kurier Plus, New York.

2005 – Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw.

2006 – Easton, Connecticut.

2008 – Kurier Plus, New York.

2009 – Skulski Art  Gallery, Clark, New Jersey.

2011 – PIASA, New York.

2011 – TransForm Gallery, New Rochelle, New York.

2012 – Galerie Roi Doré „TRANSFORMATIONS- works on paper (2011-2012), Los Angeles, Paryż.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 –  Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York.

2013 – Design Institute, Kielce, Poland.

2014 – „Emotions by Lubomir Tomaszewski”, Palace of Nations ONZ, Geneva, Switzerland.

2014 – „Art in Residence” Berno, Switzerland.

2015 – “ My Art is my Confession to People, Van Rij Gallery, Ćmielow, Poland.

2015 – “KunstGalerie” Bachlechner Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland.

2015 – „New York. Paris. Warsaw – Cities of Lubomir Tomaszewski, The Grand Theatre – National Opera, Warsaw.

2016 – ArtCheval, France.

2016 – Conférence ( Conferce )à plusieurs voix : Lubomir Tomaszewski ou la création par le feu et la fumée. Château de Ripaille – Thonon-les-Bains, France.

2016- 2017 – “At first there was war… Then affirmation of life” Van Rij Gallery, Ćmielów, Poland.

2017-2018 – Permanent presentation in Brussel in the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union.

2017 – “Lubomir Tomaszewski. Scuptures. Paintings. Design”, International Cultural Centre, Krakow, Poland.

2018 – “Porcelain Sculpture. Lubomir Tomaszewski” Polish Intitute in Bratislava, Slovakia.

And over 40 group exhibitions with Emotionalism art movement all over the world – France, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

Lubomir Tomaszewski (1923-2018), portrait from the 50's.


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