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Born in 1923. Alumnus of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and a student of Warsaw University of Technology. He is an uncommon and ambitious artist looking for his own way of creating art like no one before. He was an experimental realist, gifted sculptor, painter and designer. In love with music, nature, and women’s charms. He took his musical and humanistic talents after his mother and his technical and engineering abilities after his father. Unusual mixture of genes let him discover human soul while having an engineering approach to people and nature. He always knew he was an artis. He taught himself how to paint before he could talk and created his first realistic painting at the age of 2,5. Fate made him settle near New York and the city became his home and road to artistic freedom and fame. He took part in over 150 individual and group exhibitions all over the world. His works are part of many great private collections, for example Rockefeller’s Family Collection, Swiss collector Margot Rosenmund Calles’ or America president Jimmy Carter’s.

Lubomir Tomaszewski expressed himself as a sculptor, painter and creator of artistic porcelain designs. As a sculptor he utilized found pieces of material given to him by nature – rocks and boughs that he completes with metal or glass and gave them unique forms of animals, people or forest spirits. As a painter he used oxy-acetylene torch instead of a brush. Technique of painting with fire and smoke gives amazing means of expression: lightness and dynamism but also power that couldn’t be achieved with any paint. His paintings are ethereal but powerful and capable of influencing viewers’ emotions.

The professor worked on porcelain figurines passionately and treated them like little sculptures. He had an unique style and believed that giving people beautiful and modern designs shapes the aesthetic tastes of the society. He started to design artistic porcelain in the 50’s, while working for the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw.

Lubomir Tomaszewski’s erudition, talent and ability to observe nature and contemporary art inspired him to establish international art movement called Emotionalism, which gathered sculptors, painters, photographers and even dancers and musicians.

The New York Times called him the motion artist. With his output Tomaszewski proved that his figurative art can bring people joy but also evoke other emotions, like fear. Thanks to his ability to show and influence emotions, his works are exhibited in many museums and galleries all over the world. The number of his paintings and sculptures fans increases.

Lubomir Tomaszewski died in 2018 in the USA.

Lubomir Tomaszewski (1923-2018), portrait from the 50's.


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