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Julia Medyńska

Julia Medynska –  born in Poland. In 1985, she and her family moved to Germany. After high school, she moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and The Neighborhood Playhouse. She has performed at the Off-Broadway “Manhattan Ensemble Theater”. Heavily influenced by her acting background, Julia’s figurative paintings are composed narratives that explore the idea of the social mask employed to hide underlying psychological truths. In 2017, she received her master’s degree in Visual Arts at Columbia University. She is a two-time award recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Recent solo exhibitions include: Muzeum Ziemi in Międzyrzecz, Poland, Pilipczuk Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, Artinfo Gallery in Warsaw, Poland and Jedlitschka Gallery in Zurich. She is currently preparing for her first solo show at Van Rij Gallery.
Her work has received numerous awards. She has twice been a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation scholarship. In recent years, her works have been exhibited in London (School Gallery), Copenhagen (Pilipczuk Gallery), Nuremberg (Krakauer Haus &Modulgalerie), Tenerife (ATC Gallery) and Zurich ( Jedlitschka Gallery), among others.
Julia Medynska about her art:
“My painting explores the psychology of the individual. My recent painting, has expanded from individual portraits to large scale narratives. I compose environments where characters engage in violent acts while apathetic bystanders witness the macabre scene. […]


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