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exhibition of Lubomir Tomaszewski Works in Bratislava

Lubomir Tomaszewski – exhibition

Lubomir Tomaszewski’s artworks conquere Europe, this time in Slovakia

With presentation of his porcelain designs for AS Ćmielów the international public has an opportunity to admire his sculptures and paintings.

Curated by Katarzyna Rij.  Exhibition lasts from 23 of January 2018 to 9 of March 2018. 


The purpose of the exhibition titled: „Porcelánové sochy” (Porcelain Sculptures) is to present unique artistic style of Ćmielów porcelain manufactory and its best designer, also working as painter and sculptor Lubomir Tomaszewski.

The best porcelain design are created by generations of artist and people with great passion. After many years and numerous ups and downs our tradition is mantained by AS Ćmielów Porcelain Manufactory managed by Adam Spała, the 12th owner of the manufactory, which is currently enjoying its success among European collectors. 

On the exhibition we present not only designs form the 60’s, but also ones made after the transformation, to show the viewers that an unique style of old “Świt” Ćmielów manufactory is continued. AS Ćmielów is also open to new ideas and introduces original forms different from traditional designs, and those are also presented in Bratislava. 

The person who brings all of the themes of the exhibition together is Polish-American artist Lubomir Tomaszewski. He had a great impact on the development of Polish porcelain sculpture in the 50’s and 60’s and later, after emigrating to the United States he also created unique fire and smoke paintings and sculptures made in tune with nature. Some works of the professor will also be exhibited in the Polish Institute in Bratislava. 

Exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture for students of the art school in Bratislava by Katarzyna Rij, exhibition curator. She will discuss the phenomenon of “The Great Four”, designers from the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. She will also convey the topic of the renewal of the porcelain production by AS Ćmielów manufactory and speak about the essentials of industrial design, the function of the items but also the esthetics.

We invite you to visit the exhibition at the Polish Institute in Bratislava (Námestie SNP 486/27, 811 01 Bratislava – Staré Mesto). 



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