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This year's Arte Biennale is a woman!

What will our future be like? This question echoes at the Venice Biennale. The 59th edition of one of the world’s most important art events shows the relationship between us humans and nature. Cecilia Alemani, artistic director of the event, also draws attention to national minorities and their situations. In many national pavilions, this is the discourse that resounds. The Nordic countries, for example, have given their pavilion to the the people of Sami, who have focused on the problem of global warming, which has particular implications for them. Similar themes can be seen in the Chinese or Lithuanian pavilion.

The figures of the centaurs in Jacob Lillemose’s hyper-realistic creation in the Danish pavilion tell a rather tragic story, as a warning against a changing world and even humanity.

The giant matrialchal elephant, by German artist Katharine Fritsch, standing at the front of the Giardini, shows perhaps an even more significant message of the pre-Jubilee Venice Biennale. The situation of women, their position in the world and especially in the art world, is changing for the better, but it is still far from balanced. This year, however, there are definitely more women, to quote Charlotte Higgins of the Guardian, the gender ratio is one to nine.

The Polish Pavilion, with tapestries by Małgorzata Mirga-Tas discussing the Roma minority and the situation of women, also fits in with the spirit of the whole event. Telling the story of a minority, it touches on ethnicity, magic and spirituality.



The “Milk of Dreams” Art Biennale will be open until 27.11.2022



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