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Natalia Rybka

Natalia Rybka – born in 1988 in Bytom (Poland). Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Based in Katowice, where she lives and works.

The artist explores metaphysical issues in her artistic creations. The forest environment, which so often appears on Natalia Rybka’s canvases, is a field for reflection on human existence and spirituality.

As she herself writes about her art:

“In my art, I propose a new take on human spirituality and its contained aesthetics of understanding reality. For me, the iconic way of representation became an impulse to reflect on the possibility of recording an immaterial reality. A human being in this reality forms a coherent integrity with the environment. He is inseparably connected with it. They mutually interact, leaving a trace of their presence. The space of the forest can evoke a sense of unease and mystery, but at the same time gives rise to a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity. By using the motif of the forest, I show the human being as an elementary particle of a certain fragment of reality.”


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