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It's here! Lubomir Tomaszewski. Fire, smoke and rock album, BOSZ 2018

Long awaited album about the artistic work of Lubomir Tomaszewski is now available. Tomaszewski is mostly known in Poland for his ceramic designs. In this bilingual album art lovers can see works known only in America. Pictures of his impressive sculptures and paintings help to discover Tomaszewski as a sculptor and painter. Artist made his paintings with original fire and smoke technique and created the sculptures in tune with nature. 

First in Poland album about Tomaszewski’s art was published by prestigious publisher BOSZ. Over 160 outstanding artworks help to discover Tomaszewski as an artist who started his careee only after emigrating to the United States in 1966. Presented in the album big, outdoor sculptures of dancers and musicians amaze the art lovers, who mosty knew the artist as a porcelain designer. 

Book Lubomir Tomaszewski. Fire, smoke and rock was prepared by a great graphic designer Lech Majewski, who is creating best art books for many years.
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Text: Magdalena Sołtys

Graphic design: Lech Majewski

Pages: 136

Illustrations: 168

Size: 240 × 300 mm

ISBN: 978-83-7576-322-5

First edition

Year of publishing: 2018


Languages: Polish and English

Price: 64,90



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